Monday, May 2, 2011

Weddings on a budget

We are often asked to contribute as a Wedding Expert to County Wedding magazine's range of local  glossy wedding magazines.  Here is one of the questions we were recently asked:

Question:  My partner and I got engaged five years ago, and at the time we threw a massive party and told everyone there that they would be invited to our big day bash. Since then however, we’ve both had money troubles and can no longer afford the lavish wedding that we promised – in fact we can only afford to invite half of the people that attended our engagement party. Now that we’re finally tying the knot, I’m nervous about having to explain our situation. Is there anything we can do to soften the blow?

CBW answer:  Five years is a very long time, and a lot can change in that time. If the current economic climate is affecting you, you can be certain that it is affecting the people who attended your engagement party too. If they are good friends they will completely understand and be happy for you both and the love that you have for each other. After all ‘love’ is the fundamental reason to get married, not the wedding itself. Sometimes situations like this are for the best, and you can turn them into a positive. Just think how expensive it might have been for your guests to attend your wedding: to buy a new outfit; a wedding gift; overnight accommodation. They might be quite relieved not to have to spend money they can’t afford either! They are ways that you can still keep your day special and allow everyone to share in your happiness. Before the wedding, why not craft a handwritten note to explain your change of plans – remember, well thought out, heartfelt words cost nothing. To soften the blow further, you might want to consider sending them a mini montage of the photos of your day so that they can treasure your special memories too.
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