Saturday, April 23, 2011

Entertaining the crowds at the Royal Wedding

It's less than a week away and excitement around the Royal Wedding is growing.  To get us all in the mood and to find out what we can expect on the day, we asked our music expert, Susan Heaton-Wright from Viva Live Music to talk about what kind of music we can expect on the day.  Here are her thoughts: 
Susan says "Part of the whole pageantry associated with Royal occasions, includes entertainment for the general public who will watch and celebrate the wedding outside Westminster Abbey and along the route to Buckingham Palace. For Royalty, recorded music is not enough: live musicians are required to play and entertain.

One of the most effective ways of entertaining outside in this way is using brass bands. The sound they make carries and noise levels are not a factor. It really is exciting to hear a brass band performing in one of the Royal parks, or even marching on the streets to accompany the royal party.

The Cold Stream Guards will march down the Mall three hours before the ceremony, and play for two hours outside Westminster Abbey to entertain the crowds.

All of the musicians used in the bands are professionals: they will have either been at music college prior to joining the army, or they will have trained in the army. Their role is principally as band members, but during combat, they are required as front line professionals: carrying stretchers and as drivers. This is an extremely proud time for them, and they will have rehearsed extensively."

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