Monday, November 29, 2010

A passion for all things vintage

There's something about vintage weddings we adore.  Pretty vintage dresses (be they the genuine article, or simply vintage inspired), beautiful flowers like peonies and roses, music from yesteryear...the list of beautiful and desirable things goes on.

You can really have fun with the styling of the reception too and with the current popularity of vintage weddings, there are no shortage of suppliers to help you create the look you are after.  One particular one that caught our eye in the week was

When Rosie Watson and Katie Coakes first met at work back in 2006 little did they know that their shared fascination for the old fashioned would eventually mean they would end up starting their own business together four years later.  Scouring flea markets during their teabreaks really paid off when they launched their professional china hire and styling service.

We loved their vintage collection (and their passion) so much that we contacted them to find out more.  Rosie told us
"Our ethos is to reclaim, revive, recycle and breathe new life into forgotten treasures. We offer the ultimate ‘green’ style solution, and choosing vintage means that brides on a budget can make their funds go further. Why buy new when you can re-use something original for a fraction of the cost?"
We totally agree Rosie, and wish you and Katie all the best as you approach your first anniversary!
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