Monday, August 30, 2010

Wedding day make-up

At Clare Beckwith Weddings, Julia Camilleri is one of our favourite bridal make-up artists. She is not only talented at what she does, but we are reliably informed by one of our recent brides, that she is a complete scream too; putting brides at ease, calming nerves and keeping them in stitches while they are getting ready!

A freelance make-up artist carrying out bridal, fashion and photographic make-up in London and the South East, Julia has worked with leading model agencies and numerous magazines including Sugar, Elle, B, TV Hits and FHM Magazine to name but a few during her 14 years working as a make-up artist.

Make-up is a hot topic among the stylish brides that we work with and because your wedding day is the one day it just has to be perfect, we asked Julia some of the questions on your mind...

CBW: How do I decide what colours and style of make-up would really suit me on my wedding day?

Julia: I usually recommend using neutral colours and a neutral and classic application that won’t date and that will photograph well....there are different techniques I would use that would make the make-up photographic, but still look natural in the daylight.

CBW: I go really red and blotchy when I get anxious, especially on my chest area - is there anything I can do to stop this showing?

Julia - This is a common bridal problem especially when nerves hit on the day! I use a product called 'dermablend' as this a product that was originally devised to cover birth marks on the face.

CBW: How can I get my make-up to stay put all day, especially my lipstick?

Julia: I use predominately MAC products and in the 14 years of doing make-up I have tried and tested many products and find MAC the best for staying power. The lipstick inevitably comes off however I give my brides a pot of the colour I have used so that you can reapply throughout the day.

CBW: Should I go for false eyelashes on my wedding day?

Julia: I tend to use individual lashes as these give a natural look to enhance and open eyes. Of course these aren’t for everyone so that’s why I recommend a make-up trial before the wedding.

CBW: Do you have any tips for keeping my skin in tip top condition in the run up to my big day?

Julia: I would recommend monthly facials to clear and radiate your complexion.

CBW: Are there any tips you have for getting my make up to look good in the photos?

Julia: There are special techniques used to make the make-up photographic that you wouldn’t even notice. These help to enhance eyes, define lips and lift cheekbones.

CBW: Do you have any tips for someone who never usually wears make up?

Julia. Yes I do! Keep it natural, don’t ever be tempted look too different on your wedding day!! Just an improved version of yourself!

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